Operational Leadership Team



Wezley Makin has been recently appointed as the Director of Grenfell Preschool & Long Day Care Centre. Wez holds a Bachelor of Education and has over 10+ years’ experience within the education sector. He has recently returned from working as a Primary School Teacher in Dubai, UAE. Wez has a wealth of knowledge within the early education and care sector as he has held many positions, from casual educator to Director of several services.

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Operations Co-Ordinator

Lorraine Harveyson is the Operations Co-ordinator and works fulltime from 8:00am – 4:00pm. This role is pivotal to the operations of the Service and is the first point of contact with the Service. Lorraine works closely with the Board of Directors to ensure that operational activities continue to align with the strategic direction of the organisation.

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Assistant Director

Holly Ryan is the Assistant Director and works 3 days per week from 8:15am – 4:15pm. Holly works alongside the Director and Operations Co-Ordinator, along with the board of Directors to ensure the day to day running and compliance of the Service. Holly holds a Diploma in Children’s Services and has been employed by the Service in varying capacities since 2013.

Rainbow Room (0-2 years old)


Nicole Cations (Certificate III in Childrens' Services)

Natalie Cotter.JPG

Natalie Cotter (Certificate III in Childrens' Services)

Jamie Miles.JPG

Jamie Miles (Certificate III in Childrens' Services)

Sharn Ballard.jpeg

Sharn Ballard (Diploma of Childrens' Services)

Sally Dun.jpg

Sally Dun

(Certificate III in Childrens Services)

Sunshine Room (2-3 years old)

Mel Lutherborrow.JPG

Melissa Lutherborrow (Bachelor of Teaching)


Kyrstye Henry

(Studying Diploma of Childrens' Services)

Garden Room (3 - 4 Years old)

Katie Ryan.jpeg

Katie Ryan

(Diploma of Childrens' Services)

Kelly photo.jpeg

Kelly Bembrick

(Certificate III Trainee)

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Zovi Armstrong (Certificate III in Childrens' Services)

Janine Eyles

(Diploma of Childrens Services)

Star Room (4 - 5 years old)

Team Leader/ECT

Jodie Cartman (Bachelor of Teaching)

Assistant Educator/ECT

Ashleigh Martin (Bachelor of Teaching)

Assistant Educator/ECT

Dean Cawthorne (Bachelor of Teaching)

Assistant Educator

Jenny Daley

(Diploma of Childrens' Services)

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Ashleigh Martin.JPG
Dean Cawthorne.JPG

Assistant Educator

Lyn Hewen

(Certificate III in Childrens' Services)

Weddin Mobile Preschool Service

Kim Durham.JPG

Team Leader

Kim Durham

(Diploma of Childrens' Services)

Caragabal Service

Laraine Bland.JPG

Team Leader

Laraine Bland

(Diploma of Childrens' Services)

Quandialla Service

Belinda Stevens.JPG

Assistant Educator

Belinda Stevens

(Certificate III in Childrens' Services)

Caragabal & Quandialla Services